Six migrants die after boat sinks off Turkey’s Canakkale

Six Syrian migrants die after their boat sinks off coast near western Turkish town of Canakkale

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A boat filled with Syrian migrants who attempted to illegally cross to Greece’s island of  Lesbos sank near the Ayvalik district of Turkey’s western province Canakkale on Thursday, causing six of the migrant aboard the vessel to die.

According to the early coast guards reports, 10 people were rescued from the boat.

Syrian migrants, including women and children, departed from Ayvalik district to reach Greece across the Aegean Sea.

After a short period of time, the boat began to sink for an unspecified reason.

The boat was noticed by the coast guard which intervened immediately.

Two children and four women were rescued with the help of the coast guard before the team found the dead bodies of six people.  

The rescued migrants were taken to hospital for treatment.

Previously in July, 149 migrants illegally attempting to cross to the Greek islands were detained by Turkish coast guards.

Syrian refugees escaping the violence in their country began to flee Syria in large numbers with the escalation of the Syrian Civil War in 2012. One of their most preferred destinations was neighbouring Turkey, which hosts over 1.7 million Syrian refugees in addition to 300,000 Iraqi refugees.

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