Soldiers rescue injured civilian by PKK terrorists

Man injured by PKK terrorists in Nusaybin district in Turkey’s southeastern city Mardin

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Soldiers togerther with local people are carrying the man who was injured by the PKK terrorists.

A civilian injured by PKK terrorists in Nusaybin district in Turkey’s southeastern city of Mardin was rescued by Turkish soldiers, amid the ongoing exchange of fire on Sunday.

The incident took place as a curfew is underway over security concerns for locals in the area. The locals have become the victims in the latest terror attacks by PKK terrorists in the countries southeast region.

The Turkish military started a rescue operation when a group of local citizens rushed to the Nusaybin Military Guardhouse and asked for assistance for a man who was injured, as he was on his balcony, later he was identified as Ozgur Ciray.

Following the call for help, Turkish soldiers immediately set way to assist Ciray, moving to the area, they secured him first following by responding to his wounds, according to military sources. Later, he was brought to the hospital by an armored vehicle.

His condition is unknown, according to sources.

PKK terrorists have been carrying out terror attacks in eastern and southeastern provinces of Turkey, while locals suffer from the damages.

PKK victimize civilians

The Igdir-Kars highway has been closed to traffic for two months, after PKK terrorists set fire to vehicles on the road and killed one specialised sergeant.

Since then, the locals have not been able to use the road and must attempt to find alternative routes for urgent cases, as dispatching patients.

While locals are content with the re-opening of the highway, they condemned the terror attacks saying that PKK terrorists victimized them by blocking roads and setting fire to vehicles.

Accordingly, PKK terrorists blew up columns of a hospital bridge in Mardin with the use of a remote control on Sunday as the explosion heavily damaged the bridge, along with windows of nearby houses.

The attack was severely condemned by the local community.

Another terror attack by PKK took place in Silopi district in Turkey's Sirnak when explosives belonging to PKK detonated and inflicted heavy damages on homes and business in the area.

One citizen criticised the incident saying that ‘’our house is almost destroyed. Kurdish people are not terrorists. We want the ones in charge to be found.’’

The PKK renewed terror attacks in Turkey when its umbrella organisation KCK unilaterally ended a two-year-long ceasefire with the government on July 11. Since then, attacks by the group have killed nearly 30 civilians and more than 120 security officers.

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