Suruc suicide bombing suspect 'identified with ISIS links'

Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu declares identification of ISIS-linked suspect thought to be responsible for Suruc bombing

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has stated that the person suspected of carrying out a bomb attack on Monday in Suruc District of Turkey’s southeastern Sanliurfa Province has been identified.

The suspect is determined to have been linked with ISIS.

Speaking after a visit to a hospital where injured victims from the attack were being treated in Sanliurfa, Davutoglu said the identify of the suicide bomber in the explosion has been clarified.

“Local and foreign links have been uncovered over the attack. The possibility of links to ISIS and the attack being suicide bombing appears highly likely. Still, it’s not possible to say what happened with certainty before the final results of the investigation are released,” said Davutoglu in response to question asking the identity of the suicide bomber and the details of the investigation.

On Monday, a large explosion killed 32 people and injured hundreds of others in the garden of the Amara Culture Center, where members of the pro-Kurdish Federation of Socialist Youth Associations (SGDF) gathered for a press meeting.

After visiting  Suruc, Davutoglu participated in the funeral of a Turkish soldier who was killed by  the PKK terrorists on Monday in a clash between the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and PKK in the southeastern province of Adiyaman.

The Kurdistan Communities' Union (KCK) issued a statement on July 11 declaring that the truce reached with the Turkish government at the end of 2012 has ended and threatened Turkey with the possibility further attacks.

The KCK is an umbrella organisation which brings all the members and factions of the PKK together.

The attack in Suruc, near the Syrian border, followed heightened security measures undertaken by Turkey against ISIS.

A pro-ISIS website in the Turkish language was recently closed down by the Turkish state, after which the website’s administrators issued a statement on July 18 threatening Turkey for trying to “limit its freedom.”

“If the actions of the Turkish government continue to limit the freedom of Muslims who have never carried out attacks or harmed Turkey, they should not forget the Muslims could respond to that. We expect the Turkish government to lift its restrictions on Muslims as soon as possible. If pressure and restrictions continue, we announce that a new chapter would be opened with the Turkish government,” said a post on the website

While an investigation continues into the explosion in Suruc the TAF has tightened measures against ISIS in Turkey’s southeastern region, sending a drone to observe the actions of ISIS militants at the Syrian border, Turkish media has reported.

Both ISIS and the PKK are considered to be terrorist organisations by Turkey as well as the EU and NATO.

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