Suspected suicide attack prevented in Istanbul

Suspected suicide bomber prevented from carrying out attack near Istanbul's Dolmabahce Palace

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Police seen at the scene of an alleged suicide bomb attack in Besiktas district of Istanbul on 31 January, 2016.

Updated Jan 31, 2016

Turkish police on Saturday shot a suspected suicide bomber in the leg near Istanbul's Dolmabahce palace, reported local media.

The incident reportedly occurred as a man, carrying a backpack, did not comply with police orders after they warned him to ''stop'' when they grew suspicious of his abnormal actions. 

A bomb squad came to the scene of the incident and took the backpack they detonated into examination.

The injured suspect was taken to hospital while extra security precautions were taken in the area.

Dolmabahce Palace is an Ottoman-era building and located near the prime minister’s office in Istanbul's Besiktas District.

The palace has been previously targeted by terror suspects who have opened fire on policemen and thrown stun grenades.