Syrian refugee children learn judo in Turkey

They've been displaced from their home country and scarred by a violent war. But these Syrian children are learning a martial art that can help them cope with the hardships of life.

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Around 60 Syrian refugee children of Turkmen origin are learning judo in the small Turkish border town of Yayladagi.

The small Turkish border town of Yayladagi has taken in 15,000 Syrian refugees, most of them of Turkmen origin.

The children didn't have much to do until recently.

With the help of the townspeople, the refugees have set up the "Association for Syrian Turks." The association has started a judo school to teach refugee children.

Now dozens of them are learning martial arts skills, which include self-discipline and responsibility.

Judo is also close to traditional Turkmen wrestling. Three of the trainers at the school held championship titles in Syria.

TRT World'Ediz Tiyansan visited the school to find out more.