A group of Syrians talk about what they experienced in PYD-controlled areas of northern Syria.

A group of Syrians speak to Anadolu Agency about PYD cruelty in northern Syria.
A group of Syrians speak to Anadolu Agency about PYD cruelty in northern Syria.

A small group of Syrians who were able to flee from the PYD terror organisation and seek refuge with the Free Syrian Army have said the PYD forced them to join the group under the guise of "compulsory military service" after threatening them.

Speaking to Turkey's Anadolu Agency on Thursday, the group said they had to leave their villages near Kobani after receiving numerous threats. The town near Syria's border with Turkey is controlled by the PYD, which Turkey considers to be the Syrian wing of the PKK terror organisation.

The PKK is listed as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the US and the EU.

The men, speaking anonymously over fears for the safety of their families who still live in PYD-controlled areas, described what they called "the cruelty of the terrorist organisations."

One man said the terrorists took them to an unknown location four days ago and told them "we will fight against DAESH in Al-Bab

"They put us in a completely dark place. We stayed there 1-2 days. Then they took us on a hill and said 'Al-Bab is right across'

"When the sun was rising we saw a flag belonging to the FSA. We decided to run away after we realised the truth."

Another Syrian spoke about the PYD's persecution of people in the region.

The Syrian said the PYD told people: "Either you join us, or you cannot live here."

"They have animosity, especially against Arabs. Most of our village was Arab. They seized all our assets. They make young people soldiers in the name of 'compulsory military service.'"

Another Syrian said PYD members interfered with freedom of religion and treated pious Muslims who practice their religion "badly."

In 2015 Amnesty International released a 38-page report titled, "We Had Nowhere Else to Go: Forced Displacement and Demolition in Northern Syria" cataloguing allegations of forced evictions of Arabs and Turkmens and destruction of homes and property by the PYD.

The amnesty report alleges that entire villages were demolished by the PYD.

Source: AA