Terror attack misses district governor in Turkey's east

District governor of Turkey’s Bitlis narrowly escapes PKK terror attack with bomb

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

A highway in Yuksekova district of Hakkari in Turkey was closed to traffic following the bomb attack by PKK terrorists on Friday

The District governor of Guroymak in the southeastern Turkish province of Bitlis narrowly escaped a terror attack by PKK terrorists after a bomb located in his staff vehicle was discovered on Friday.

The governor's guards noticed the bomb was planted under the vehicle as district governor Muharrem Eligul was about to get into his car to leave for his office early in the morning.

Bomb squads arrived at the scene and removed the bomb and an investigation was launched into the incident.

Camera records in the region have been taken as part of the investigation. 

Eligul was assigned to duty in Guroymak only three months ago. 

PKK terrorists destroy hospital road with bomb

PKK terrorists destroyed a single main road to the hospital in Turkey’s southeastern Sirnak Province on Friday.

The militants remotely detonating a bomb. The resulting explosion created deep craters in the road and also damaged the windows of nearby houses.

Locals in need of urgent medical help found it difficult to use the road due to the damage caused by the terror attack.

Local officials reported that alternative ways to the hospital were also blocked with trenches which the militants had earlier dug.

Schools and hospitals have increasingly become targets of terror attacks by the PKK in recent months. 

Policemen are continuing to search for criminals in the region.

Another PKK attack took place Hakkari Province's Yuksekova District, in which the militants remotely detonated a bomb as a military vehicle was passing by on Friday.

No casualties were reported from the attack.

The military vehicle was somewhat damaged while the road where the explosion occured was closed to traffic.

Security forces launched an operation with air support in the region in response to the attack..

The PKK is listed as terrorist organisation by Turkey as well as NATO, the US and EU.

PKK terror attacks have killed 133 security officials and over 30 civilians since the PKK’s umbrella organisation, the KCK, unilaterally ended a two-year-long ceasefire with the government on July 11.

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