Three army veterans join Turkey’s Patriotic Party

As Turkey’s June 7 election nears, three military veterans join Turkey’s Patriotic Party

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Three military veterans - Major General Ahmet Yavuz, Colonel Mumtaz Akfidan, and Lieutenant Colonel Omer Yildiz - announced on Thursday that they had joined Dogu Perincek’s Patriotic Party.

Retired Major General Ahmet Yavuz said that he and his friends joined the Patriotic Party with a reception held on May 19 and stated that “We joined the party because we have witnessed the corruption of the Turkish Republic.”

Dogu Perincek, chairman of the Patriotic Party, emphasised many veterans had chosen to join his party and “This, alone, shows a revolution is coming and the Patriotic Party will be pioneer of it” he said on Thursday.

The Patriotic Party a left-wing party which was originally founded in 1992 as the Workers' Party. The Patriotic Party is led by Dogu Perincek, a Turkish politician and lawyer.

In August 2013, Perincek was sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment as part of the Ergenekon probe, but he was released in 2014.

The Ergenekon trials - which began in July 2008 - were a series of high-profile trials in which numerous military officers, journalists, and political figures were tried and convicted of planning a military coup against the Turkish government.

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