Total of 15 private cars sabotaged overnight in Istanbul

Total of 15 private cars are sabotaged overnight by unidentified assailants in Turkey’s Istanbul

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Firefighters put the fire out after arriving to the scene where cars were sabotaged unidentified assailants in Istanbul on Dec. 27, 2015

Police reports indicated on Sunday that total of 15 cars had been sabotaged overnight by unidentified assailants in four different districts of Turkey’s Istanbul Province.

According to reports, the incidents took place in Sisli, Zeytinburnu, Gaziosmanpasa and Kucukcekmece districts of Istanbul.

In Okmeydani neighborhood located in Sisli district, five cars were set fire with gasoline. People who lives in the neighbourhood were trying to extinguish the fire when police and fire brigade arrived the scene.

Following the firefighters' intervention, the security officers found plastic bottles containing gasoline.

In another incident, eight cars were sabotaged by three masked assailants in Zeytinburnu District.

Meanwhile in Gaziosmanpasa and Kucukcekmece districts, two cars became wrecks due to burning.

The security officers launched a comprehensive investigation into the arson incidents.

Previously, police detained 5 suspects who allegedly attacked on a vehicle owned by municipal police of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

During the investigation into the incident, police officers also seized 15 litres of gasoline stuffed into three gallons, 17 empty glass bottles, 16 fireworks, a packaging tape, a funnel and several plastic gloves.

Four out of five suspects were sent to the Children’s Branch of Istanbul Police Department because they were all under 18.

Police sources indicated that a special team was formed in order to find the assailants and to prevent more vehicles from being attacked.

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