Turkey arrests suspect claimed to be assistant of Gulen

Turkish court issues arrest warrant for suspect accused of being assistant of wanted preacher Fethullah Gulen

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish court issued an arrest warrant on Wednesday for Hazim Sesli over being alleged member of outlawed Gulenist Movement.

The Turkish public prosecutor's office of Usak issued an arrest warrant on Wednesday for Hazim Sesli, a suspect detained as part of a probe into the outlawed Gulen Movement.                                                         

Sesli is accused of being an assistant of the US based leader of the movement, Fethullah Gulen, for who an arrest warrant has been issued in Turkey.

The latest decision raises the number of people arrested in the probe so far to four.

Operations are still ongoing to seize 12 suspects who are also the subjects of arrest warrants related to the case.

An earlier indictment presented by a Turkish prosecutor from the Chief Prosecutor's Office in Istanbul on Oct.1, asked for for an aggravated life sentence for Fethullah Gulen, charging him and 67 others with plotting a coup against the democratically elected Turkish government.

The Gulen Movement is a transnational movement which, according to Turkish government attempted to create a "Parallel State" and overthrow the government through the use of illegal wiretapping.

The Parallel State is alleged to be comprised of a group of bureaucrats embedded in the country's institutions, including the judiciary and the police.

The organisation is also accused of having illegally wiretapped the encrypted and regular phones of the President Erdogan, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, former Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc,former Chief of General Staff Necdet Ozel, and the members of the National Security Council (MGK) as well as many others.

The Turkish government has expressed its determination to lawfully fight against the Gulen Movement, whose followers are accused of infiltrating state institutions to gain control of the state apparatus, illegal wiretapping, forgery of official documents and spying.

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