Turkey catches 12 trying to join ISIS in Kilis

Attempting to join ISIS, 12 people caught in Turkey’s southern city Kilis

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Kilis, the border town between Turkey and Syria, is seen

Turkish security forces seized 12 suspects in southern province of Kilis on Tuesday who were attempting to cross the border illegally from Turkey to Syria to join ISIS, according to official reports.

The suspects, four of whom were reported to be Turkish citizens, were taken into custody while a judicial investigation was launched on them. 

Two different groups of ISIS members made up of five and 19 people were similarly caught in Kilis last week. The suspects were seized when they were about to cross Syrian border.

Turkish policemen also launched an operation against the ISIS network on Sep. 1 in southern province of Osmaniye, detaining four foreign national ISIS members. Following the interrogation at the police station, the criminals were sent to Istanbul and Gaziantep to be deported.

Accordingly, 17 ISIS members were detected at checkpoints in southeastern province of Gaziantep last week and two Turkish citizens among the members were arrested.

Turkey's ongoing efforts against ISIS intensified after an ISIS suicide attack on July 20 killed 34 people in the southeastern town of Suruc.

Following the attack Turkey declared it would open its Incirlik Air Base in the southern province of Adana for use by anti-ISIS coalition forces.

Pentagon officials have long been in talks with Turkey over the use of the air base, which provides much easier and cheaper access to ISIS targets in northern Syria.

US and Turkish air forces hit several ISIS targets in Syria in recent operations while Turkish police also operate domestic raids on points which can be related to the militant group.



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