Turkey catches Israeli youth trying to join ISIS

Turkish, Israeli officials locate and repatriate Israeli youth attempting to join ISIS

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish security officials on Turkish-Syrian border

Israel Foreign Minister stated on Tuesday, that a Jewish citizen had been caught attempting to cross the border from Turkey to Syria to join ISIS.

The suspect has been returned to Israel by the Turkish Government.

The family of the 21 year old, informed officials from the Israel Foreign Ministry and Interpol on Thursday, resulting in officials taking immediate action.

The family kept in contact with him during his journey from Crete to Turkish coastal city Iskenderun, while the Turkish police tracked him down with the help of Turkish and Israeli officials in Turkey.

The 21 old Israeli was sent back to Israel with his family.

Israel Foreign Ministry Director, Ilana Ravid, described the situation as "complex and worrying" and added that, "thanks to the diplomatic activity of Israeli representatives in Turkey and the good will of Turkish authorities, the story had a happy ending."


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