Turkey commemorates anniversary of Mavi Marmara tragedy

Seven years ago, nine Turkish citizens including one American dual citizen were killed by Israeli soldiers in international waters aboard the Mavi Marmara aid ship. A tenth victim died later.

Photo by: (AFP)
Photo by: (AFP)

Israel has been criticized for using excessive force in 2010 and boarding aid ships which were outside Gaza's blockaded area.

Updated Jun 1, 2017

A march has been held in Istanbul to commemorate the 10 people who died seven years ago while trying to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza to deliver aid.  

The Turkish owned ship called the Mavi Marmara - carrying humanitarian workers - was boarded by Israeli commandos in 2010.

The families of those who died are still pressing for Israeli politicians and military leaders to be prosecuted.

But this anniversary is different as Israeli and Turkish governments have agreed to restore their relations after an apology and a 20 million dollar compensation deal.

“The blockade continues as there's no electricity and people can't live normally. We were planning to help by bringing aid in the Mavi Marmara,” says Cigdem Topcuoglu, wife of Cetin Topcuoglu, who died in the incident. “If the blockade carries on, then why did the governments sign this agreement?”

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