Turkey confirms probes underway on ‘parallel state’ in army

Turkey’s Ministry of Defence confirms investigations have been launched within the army as over a thousand complaints were received regarding alleged presence of the ‘parallel state’

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Turkish Minister of Defence Ismet Yilmaz confirmed on Wednesday that investigations have been launched for over a thousand staff after Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) received complaints on them allegedly involved with the ‘parallel state.” 

Yilmaz responded to questions regarding inclusion of ‘parallel state’ in the “Red Book” of Turkey, the top security document of the Turkish state and its structure inside the army, in an interview. 

“TAF received complaints on over a thousand individuals and probes are underway about the cases,” he said. 

Yilmaz expressed that the armed forces are from the national military and the orders must be received by commanders in higher ranks.

“If there is any other structure where orders are received from, the national identity of the military would be lost. Therefore, it is not acceptable for a structure that is listed as a national threat to exist inside the national military forces. Military investigations were launched and results will determine what is necessary to carried out,” he added. 

Members of Gulen Movement which is led by US based Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen, are accused of taking part in the mentioned ‘parallel’ structure within the army. The movement has been criticised in Turkey for over-involvement in state affairs through using its influence within the police force, bureaucracy, judiciary and media, and now military. 

The movement is also accused for trying to overthrow the governing Justice and Development Party (AK Party) through the alleged judicial coup attempt on Dec. 17-25. 

Minister also mentioned a separate investigation on the leakage of top secret intelligence information accessed from the meeting of the National Intelligence Agency (MIT) chief, Chief of General Staff and Foreign Minister,  and said they were used for a different purpose. 

“Looking at the incident, it seems as if a contra intelligence structure exits,” he said.

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