Turkey denies claims of allowing ISIS militants into Kobane

Sanliurfa governor issues statement saying that allegations about Turkey letting ISIS militants into Kobane is untrue

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The governor of Turkey’s southeastern border province of Sanliurfa released a statement on Thursday as a response to the allegations claiming that Turkey permitted militants from ISIS to enter the Syrian border town of Kobane through the Turkish border.

Stating that the allegations are "certainly untrue," governor Izzettin Kucuk said “According to our visual data, it is proven that ISIS militants entered to Kobani from the Syrian province of Jarabulus, located in the west of Kobani near the Syrian-Turkish border. We will publish the footage within the shortest time.”

The governor also said that the forty-one wounded people from an ISIS car bombing were hospitalised in Suruc State Hospital and other facilities in Sanliurfa.

One of the injured died in the hospital as officials stated that the number might rise.

According to Anadolu Agency, a dozen were killed and many more injured by the two car bombings executed on Thursday by ISIS in the Syrian border town of Kobane amid clashes between Kurdish forces and ISIS.

The opposition Syrian Revolution Coordinators' Union (SRCU) issued a statement saying that ISIS militants carried out the attack with two bomb-laden vehicles while disguised as Kurdish fighters.

Local Turkish government officials stated that clashes between ISIS and Syrian-Kurdish fighters from the YPG – the military wing of the Syrian Democratic Union Party – has recently intensified in central Kobane after months of lull.

The blasts occurred near Turkey's Mursitpinar border crossing in the Suruc district of southeastern Sanliurfa province.

Kurdish forces regained control over Kobane with the help of the US-led anti-ISIS coalition near the end of January after a siege that lasted for four months against ISIS.

ISIS’ loss of Kobane was seen as a significant defeat considering the amount of extensive military resources they invested to capture the isolated town on the border with Turkey.

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