Turkey detains 15 suspects over bombing attack in Bursa

Turkish security forces detain 15 suspects over alleged links to a suicide bomb attack in the country’s northwestern province of Bursa.

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkey's Bursa Governor Munir Karaloglu speaks with journalists after the suicide attack on April 27, 2016.

Turkish authorities detained 15 suspects on Thursday over connections to a suicide bomb attack in the northwestern province of Bursa, which injured seven people, Turkish media reported.

Some of the 15 were detained outside of Bursa and brought to the province for questioning at the local police headquarters, Turkish media said.

No other details were immediately available.

Officials have yet to confirm who was behind the attack, in which the governor announced seven had been injured when a female suicide bomber blew herself up near the main mosque in Bursa on Wednesday.

The attack on Bursa marks the fifth suicide bombing at a major urban centre in Turkey this year. Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city was hit with two attacks, which Turkish security officials accounted DAESH terrorist organisation for and two other suicide bombings in the country’s capital, Ankara that TAK, an alleged affiliate with PKK terrorist organisation, claimed.

Turkey has also faced many attacks from far left groups, mostly on police and security forces.

The attack on Bursa came a day after the United States warned American citizens in Turkey about credible terrorist threats to tourist areas.

Bursa is Turkey's fourth-largest city, an industrial hub directly south of Istanbul, across the Marmara Sea. Although not one of the country's biggest tourist destinations, it still draws some foreign visitors with its Ottoman-era architecture.

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