Turkey detains three suspects plotting to attack German institutions

Turkish authorities detain three people with DAESH links who are suspected of plotting to attack German institutions in Istanbul

Photo by: AA (Archive)
Photo by: AA (Archive)

Turkish security forces cordon off an area where alleged suspects who have hurled hand grenades and open fired at police special forces headquarters were thought to be trapped in a neighbouring building in Istanbul, Turkey on March 3, 2016.

Turkish authorities on Wednesday detained three men with DAESH links who are suspected of plotting terror attacks, targeting German diplomatic missions and schools in Turkey’s Istanbul.

The three suspects, Muhammet Nas along with Iraqi, Ibrahim Ghanem Alshalawey and Syrian, Ali Al Farac, were captured in an operation by counter-terror police units, with the help of Turkish and German intelligence.

They were taken to the anti-terror branch directorate, as security procedures are ongoing.

Germany shut its diplomatic missions and schools on Thursday for security concerns on March 19, only two days before the Istanbul terror attack, which was carried out by a suicide bomber who had ties with DAESH terror organisation.

Turkey has recently faced violent attacks by various groups; including, PKK and DAESH terrorist organisations, as 10 German nationals were killed on Jan. 12, when another terror attack was carried out by a DAESH terrorist that took place in Istanbul’s Fatih District.

In October 2015, 103 people were killed in a twin DAESH suicide bomb attack in Ankara, Turkey and on another incident, a DAESH suicide bombing killed 34 people on July 20, 2015 in Suruc District of Turkey's southeastern Sanliurfa Province, which borders Syria.

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