Turkey prevents "sensational" Daesh attack

What could have been a large and deadly attack is foiled by police in southeastern Turkey, authorities say.

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Gaziantep is located just a few miles north of the Turkish border with Syria, where Turkish troops are helping Syrian opposition fighters combat Daesh. (File photo)

Turkish security forces have detained four Daesh suspects in Gaziantep, near its border with Syria.

Turkey has increased pressure on Daesh amid ongoing operations in northern Syria to clear the area adjacent to Turkey’s border from terror threats. More than 800 suspects were arrested across Turkey last week.

Twenty-four explosive suicide belts made with some 150 kilogrammes of explosives and two automatic rifles were also seized in the latest operation. Turkish police say the suspects were planning “sensational” attacks.

There are no details on the suspects' nationalities.

Last year, Turkey suffered a series of deadly attacks carried out by Daesh, as well as attacks by the PKK.

TRT World correspondent IoIo ap Dafydd is following the story near the Turkish-Syrian border.

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