Turkey releases new figures of humanitarian aid to Kobane

Turkey, hosting some 200,000 civilians from Kobane, releases humanitarian aid data

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Turkey has sent 1,933 vehicles with humanitarian aid for civilians in Syria’s northern border town of Kobane since Sept. 19, 2014, according to a report released by the Turkish government on Saturday.

The report said the vehicles include 202 articulated lorries and 1,731 trucks.

According to the Turkish Prime Ministry Office of Public Diplomacy, Turkey has been hosting 194,000 civilians from Kobane who have been affected by the conflict in the region and fled their homes.

The report also said that accepting the civilians into Turkey had enabled an international coalition to launch air strikes around Kobane, the scene of fighting between ISIS and the Kurdish militias.

Turkey has accepted 134,000 civilians between September 19-22, more than the total number of the refugees accepted by European countries since 2011.

Turkey has also sent food, water, clothing, medicine and personal hygiene products to the civilians unwilling to leave the town and to the militias who have been defending the town against ISIS.  

A temporary accommodation center with 35,000 people capacity has been established in the Suruc district of southeastern Sanliurfa province of Turkey for the civilians who had to flee their homes because of the ISIS threat.

The accommodation center, which includes hospitals, schools, vocational courses for adults and supermarkets, is the biggest camp of Turkey and also called as ‘’ecologic camp’’ due to the on-site water treatment system.

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