Turkey releases records of warnings to downed Russian jet

Turkish Armed Forces release audio recording of warnings issued to Russian jet before it was downed by Turkish F-16

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Headquarters of Turkish Armed Forces

Turkish army shared on Wednesday audio recording of warnings given to the Russian jet before it was downed by Turkish F-16 fighter jets on Tuesday.

Audio shows that Turkish Air Force radar station warned the Russian plane to fly south and stay away from the border.

The Russian plane that was violating Turkey's airspace in the Hatay region was shot down by a Turkish Air Force F-16. Turkish authorities announced that the Russian plane was warned 10 times in 5 minutes, just before it was shot down.

A Russian pilot who survived the incident had denied the violation of Turkish airspace and told Russian media that Turkish jets gave no warning before firing.

Turkey released the recording hours after the Russian pilot’s statement. The accuracy of information shared by Turkey about the violation had been confirmed by NATO.

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