Turkey seizes 10 Indonesians allegedly aiming to join ISIS

Ten Indonesian citizens allegedly preparing to join ISIS caught in Turkey’s border town Kilis

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

The suspected ISIS militants were dispatched to Refugee Relocation Agency to be deported after medical examinations

The  security forces seized 10 suspects, who allegedly were preparing to join ISIS, during operations on Monday in Turkey’s southern province of Kilis.

The suspects, also including some children, were reported to be Indonesian citizens and come to the border city of Kilis to join ISIS, according to Turkish officials.

After the interrogation and medical examinations, the suspects were dispatched to Refugee Relocation Agency to be deported.

Total of eight suspected ISIS militants were also arrested on Friday in Turkey’s eastern province of Malatya while 26 others were detained in Kilis.

According to security sources, the police detained the eight suspected ISIS militants in a joint anti-terror operation conducted in Malatya as well as Kilis and Bingol. The police raided 18 different addresses seizing organisational documents.

Turkey's General Staff  released a statement on Saturday, saying that the Land Forces Command also captured total of 790 people who attempted to enter Turkey from Syria on the day.

Accordingly, Turkish policemen seized 12 suspects in Kilis last week on Tuesday who were attempting to cross the border illegally from Turkey to Syria to join ISIS.

Turkey's ongoing efforts against ISIS intensified after an ISIS suicide attack on July 20 killed 34 people in the southeastern town of Suruc.

US and Turkish air forces hit several ISIS targets in Syria in recent joint operations while Turkish police also operate domestic raids on points which can be related to the militant group.


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