Turkey shells DAESH positions in Syria, kills 34 terrorists

Turkish Army shells DAESH targets in Syria, kills 34 terrorists in retaliation to rocket attacks that hit Turkey's Kilis province.

Photo by: AA (Archive)
Photo by: AA (Archive)

File photo shows Turkish Army howitzers during a military drill, June 18, 2014.

Shelling by Turkish artillery from southern Turkey struck DAESH targets in Syria on Sunday, killing 34 terrorists, destroying six vehicles and five gun positions.

Turkish Army said the strikes were in response to the frequent rocket attacks from DAESH-controlled areas in Syria into Turkey’s southern province of Kilis, which lies six kilometers from the Syrian border.

Almost 20 people have died and dozens of others have been wounded in around 50 rocket attacks that have taken place in Kilis since the beginning of 2016.

In response to the cross-border attacks, Turkish Army has carried out nearly 5,350 shellings on DAESH-controlled areas in Syria under its rules of engagement, killing almost 370 terrorists.

Archive photo shows smoke rising from a town located in Syria after an air strike by coalition forces hit the area, April 3, 2016. (AA Archive)

Meanwhile, four coalition drones that took off from the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey’s southern province of Adana hit further targets in Syria on Sunday, killing 29 DAESH terrorists.

Last week, Turkish Foreign Ministry announced that the United States will also deploy a missile system in Turkey along the country’s border with Syria across from DAESH-held areas.

In the last 18 months, the US-led coalition has conducted more than 11,000 air strikes in Iraq and Syria, destroying nearly 23,000 targets.

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