Turkey takes high security measures for snap election

Turkish government strengthens security measures to ensure safety for upcoming election

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish Minister of Interior Selami Altinok held a meeting with governorates on Sept. 16, 2015 over election safety.

Updated Sep 18, 2015

Turkish government announced that safety measures have been brought to a high level and strengthened to avoid any problems ahead of the upcoming election on Nov.1.

Minister of interior Selami Altinok held a meeting with governorates on Wednesday over the issue of election safety, emphasising that they would take all the necessary measures.

‘’We will update and finish all preparations for the upcoming election’’ he said.

Within the scope of security measures, notices and orders were sent to all 81 governorships in the country.

Adequate number of security forces will also be located in polling places, while ballot boxes will be transferred with utmost attention.

Supreme Election Board (YSK) Chairman, Sadi Guven also reminded political parties about the vote counting saying that “Elections are held transparently, with the attention of the political parties. [Representatives of] political parties are present during all steps of the process, including vote counting and the transportation of ballots to the district election board and from there to the city and the YSK. Political parties should look after the ballot boxes.”

YSK has announced that 55 million people will be eligible to vote in the upcoming election and that the number of Turkish voters abroad is approximately 2.9 million, while the number of total voters increased by 350 thousand people compared to the previous election on July 7.

A total of 173,672 ballot boxes will be distributed around the country, while there will be voting boxes in 54 foreign countries, at 113 diplomatic missions and at 30 border gates.

Around 76 million ballot papers will be printed for all voters both located in the country and abroad.

The election period will start abroad and at customs gates on Oct. 8 and Turkish expatriates will be able to vote at customs facilities in various airports, border gates, ports and at diplomatic missions.

On Sunday, YSK had announced that a total of 27 political parties will participate in the snap election.

The final list of the deputy candidates for the election have to be submitted to the YSK before 5 pm on Sept. 18, while parliamentary candidates will be announced on Sep.28.

The positioning of the parties was determined by a draw at YSK head office.

Accordingly, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) ticket will be seen in the 20th position on the ballot papers, while the Republican People's Party (CHP) will appear in 4th position, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) in 13th and the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) will be in 17th position.

As for the independent deputy candidates, they will appear on the right side of the ballots.

Electoral prohibitions and publication principles have also been declared in the Official Gazette earlier on August.

Free campaigning will start on the morning of Oct. 22, and end on Oct.31 at 6 pm before the election day on Nov.1.

Political parties and independent candidates that participate in the election will be allowed to campaign using announcements in print media and also using written, verbal or visual propaganda in their websites during that time.

However, the political parties will not be authorised to send messages to personal accounts or to mobile/fixed phones of the citizens.

Also, questionnaires, surveys and forecasts which can be for or against any political parties or candidates will not be legal during the 10-day period before the election day.

In the previous election, the AK Party won 40.87 percent of the vote. The main opposition party, the CHP, followed with 24.95 percent, taking 132 seats. The MHP won 16.29 percent of the vote, and the HDP gained 13.12 percent, resulting in 80 seats in the parliament for both parties.

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