Turkey tightens security for upcoming G20 Antalya Summit

Turkey takes high security measures ahead of G20 Leaders’ Summit which will take place in southern province of Antalya under Turkish presidency with participation of world leaders

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Nov 11, 2015

Turkey has taken high-security measures for the upcoming G20 Summit which will take place in the southern province of Antalya on Nov. 15-16 under Turkish presidency and bring together top leaders from the world’s nineteen largest economies and the European Union.

The Antalya Summit will be hosted and led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey who holds the rotating presidency of the summit in 2015. The summit will start with an opening speech by Erdogan on Nov. 15.

Turkish media have reported that around 13,000 officials and 3,000 journalists worldwide will participate in the meetings which will be held at the Regnum Carya Hotel Convention Center located in the Belek town of the Antalya’s Serik district.

Turkey has implemented strict security measures for the summit and declared the town of Belek a high-security zone, where a 12,000-strong security force has been deployed in order to secure the area.

Security measures will be strengthened in the zone through more than 350 cameras, plate and facial recognition systems, and the use of high-tech electronics.

Turkish aircraft  deployed in the Konya and Antalya airports and at the Incirlik Air Base will also be ready to provide security for the summit.

Turkish authorities have also determined an area of hotels in Belek town near the sea as a summit region or main zone where only accredited guests will be able to make entries and to the designated thirty hotels in the zone and will be subject to a systematic safety inspection during their time in the area, Turkish media has reported.  

Another sixteen hotels in Belek outside of the declared summit zone will host guests from business groups and NGOs.

Bringing together the countries which hold 90 percent of the world's GDP, the G20 summit will mainly focus on economic growth.

However, the war in Syria and growing refugee numbers will also be discussed at the summit.

The Turkish Presidency's spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said on Monday that "Nobody should expect that we will solve the Syrian issue at the G20 meeting. The G20’s main agenda is the global economy. But it is not possible to think in terms of economic development as distinct from political issues."

"This year, the deepening refugee crisis and the issue of global terrorism will be discussed by G20 countries' leaders at a working dinner on Nov.15," Kalin added.


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