Turkey to destroy YPG weapons if they were seized by PKK

Turkish PM says US-dropped weapons to YPG militants in northern Syria might return to Turkey, warns of destroying them for national security if they are transferred PKK terrorists

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Oct 15, 2015

Turkey will destroy the weapons delivered to outlawed PKK-affiliated YPG militants in northern Syria if they are transferred to PKK or reach Turkish soil, said Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Tuesday, recalling US-supplied weapons to the Iraqi army are now used by ISIS.

The Pentagon confirmed on Wednesday that its cargo planes dropped “small arms ammunition” for the newly-formed coalition led by Kurdish YPG, armed wing of the PYD autonomous administration.    

“The aircraft delivery includes small arms ammunition to resupply local forces to enable them to continue operations against Daesh [ISIS],” said Pentagon spokeswoman, Elissa Smith.

Addressing the US, Davutoglu said before providing weapons, parties should be able to foresee whose hands these weapons could go into later on.

“At the moment, nobody can assure us that these weapons delivered to the PYD will not go to the PKK,” said Davutoglu.

“Nobody should expect understanding on this issue. These weapons will harm our soldiers, police and civilian citizens,” he said.

“If we find out that these weapons are taken into the northern Iraq and used there, we will destroy them wherever they are.”

US ambassador summoned

Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the US Ambassador to Turkey, John Bass, to convey his reaction concerning the delivery of the ammunition to YPG militants in northern Syria.

Later on, in the same day, the ministry announced that a similar message was delivered to Russia, emphasising the growing danger of YPG militants in the region whose acts against humanity have been recorded by a variety of international figures, including the EU, UN, and watchdog Amnesty International.

“We have expressed this to the US and Russia in the clearest way. This is an issue of national security for us,” said Davutoglu.

“Everybody perfectly knows how we take action when it’s about our national security, just like we did on the night of July 23, when we attacked the PKK and Daesh [ISIS].”

Turkey defines the YPG as the Syrians who are affiliated with PKK which is recognised as a terrorist organisation in Turkey, as well as the US, EU, and NATO.

And, YPG militants are accused of committing war crimes against Arabs and Turkmen minorities in the northern regions, where they have taken control from ISIS in February with the help of US-supplied weapons and US-led air strikes.

YPG militants commit war crimes

According to a recent report by Amnesty International, the YPG militants have been committing war crimes in the region by forcing Arabs and Turkmen families out of their homes, and burning down their villages.

Some civilians were threatened by militants of  YPG - armed wing of PYD - with US-led air strikes if they failed to leave their homes, according to the report.

''They told us we had to leave or they would tell the US coalition that we were terrorists and their planes would hit us and our families,” said one of the residents, quoted by the report.

Satellite images show the size of the destruction by the YPG militants in Husseiniya village, in Tel Hamess. They show 225 building standing in June 2014, however, only 14 remaining in June 2015.


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