Turkey to give salary to relatives of Ankara bombing victims

Turkish government spokesperson Numan Kurtulmus has declared that Turkey will give salary to relatives of victims of Ankara bombing and has given some information about latest investigation

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Government Spokesperson, Deputy Prime Minister, Numan Kurtulmus during a press conference

After the meeting of council of ministers, deputy prime minister and government spokesperson Numan Kurtulmus made a press statement on Monday saying the relatives of the victims of the deadly bombing attack in Ankara will be given salaries.

"Two suicide bombers carried out the attack, and it is understood that they each used about 5 kilograms TNT explosives," Kurtulmus told reporters in Ankara.

Kurtulmus said that the way the attack was carried out was similar to the Suruc bombing.

“The type of attack, the type of bomb, the way it was used show resemblance with Suruc suicide bombing.” he said.

During his speech he did not give the identification or gender of the suicide bombers because of the confidentiality of the investigations being secretly conducted by Ankara’s Chief Public Prosecutor, however he said that the investigation is in its final stages and has more or less been concluded.

Kurtulmus said that a large number of people have been detained in regards to the bombing incident. Even so, he held back from giving exact numbers and details.

He refrained from discussing any speculations and gave importance to necessary steps being taken to ‘’ produce results.’’ He also noted that investigators were working very studiously and considering both usual and unusual suspects.

He said that even though some specific group arranged those meetings in which were targeted by the suicide bomb attack, this specific group was not just targeted but in fact all people of Turkey were targeted during the attack.

 “Although the event was organised by EMEK platform non-governmental organization, the ones who carried out the bomb attacks conducted the assault against 78 million people of Turkey.” he said.

“The goal of terrorist organizations is to build hostility between civil societies. I called on our people to be careful on this.” he also added.

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