Turkey to take necessary measures against Russian sanctions

Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu says his government will take any necessary step to prevent negative effects of tension with Russia

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Speaking on a live TV interview on Tuesday, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that the government will take necessary steps to prevent negative effects of tension with Russia over downing of a Russian warplane on Nov. 24.

‘’We pass through a critical diplomatic period with Russia and we call on them to understand the incident correctly and overcome this period without permanent damages in our relations.’’ he said while reiterating that the hitting of the jet was a defensive act.

With respect to the economic sanctions which Russia implemented on Turkey over the incident, Davutoglu said ‘’ We discussed all necessary measures for stability of our economy with our finance minister and we will soon share them publicly.’’

"If there will be harm in export and import balances or Turkey’s investments in Russian energy sources, the both sides will lose. What we prefer is to hold talks instead of putting embargoes which will result in bilateral harm,’’ he said.

Davutoglu also touched upon Russia’s gas supply to Turkey saying that  "I don’t think Russia would cut the supply because there are serious formal agreements between the two countries based on international law."

However, we should be prepared for the worst scenario and accordingly we are working on alternative solutions," he added.

As to the Russia's ban on Turkish imports of vegetables and fruits, Davutoglu said that the exporters should not be worried as there is no shortage of markets in the world for Turkey.

Meanwhile, Davutoglu also emphasized that Turco-Russian relations have a sound basis.

"If Turkish airspace had not been violated, such a crisis would not have occurred. Turkey is not the party that initiates an intentional crisis or escalates it. Turkey made a defensive move to protect its own airspace and did not provoke or offend anyone" he said.

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