Turkey’s AK Party announces election promises, labels them ‘New Turkey contract’

Turkey’s governing Justice and Development Party announces election promises introduced which PM Ahmet Davutoglu calls contract for ‘New Turkey’

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu introduced the election pledges of his Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Wednesday ahead of June 7 polls, including a list of 100 articles of a contract for a “New Turkey” to be enacted by the time of the Turkish Republic’s centennial in 2023.

At a ceremony held in Turkey’s capital Ankara with wide participation, Davutoglu called on opposition parties to express their opinions on the proposed “contract” in order to settle on a “common vision” for the country’s 77 million citizens.

“In the new Turkey we propose, there is no tension or conflict - only human dignity,” he said.

The “New Turkey” 2023 Contract covers a wide range of issues and is intended to appeal to all segments of society. Davutoglu hopes it will bring a comprehensive transformation towards sustainability while providing the political, social and economic conditions necessary in order to ensure a prosperous living for all the country’s citizens.

The contract denounces discrimination, racism and hate-speech among citizens and promotes equality and sense of belongingness, and notes as a priority that Turkey should be governed by a pluralist democracy by the time of the republic’s 2023 centennial. According to Davutoglu, the New Turkey Contract protects freedom of opinion, expression, belief and enterprise.

The Turkish prime minister also said that independence and security are the products of balance and cohesion, and these are the foundations of political legitimacy which is in turn achieved through the consent given by the voting public. He added that polls which are uninfluenced by pressure must be ensured for political stability.

Presidential System

One of the focal points of the AK party’s election campaign concentrates on the goal of writing of a new constitution and forming a new presidential system, reforms which are expected to be introduced by the AK Party in parliament if it is reelected with a plurality.

The opposition parties strongly oppose new presidential system which will be introduced by AK Party.

Davutoglu underlined that the proposed constitutional framework - which oversees the legislative and supervisory duties - will be subject to controls while the presidential system will provide for redefinition of administrative duties, resolving conflicts of authority and fully implementing accountability.

“The Presidential system will be a governance model envisioned to provide an independent constitutional framework, efficient and independent legislative and executive powers, checks and balances, as well as representation of all political segments in society,” Davutoglu concluded.

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