Turkey's alleged coup plot mastermind arrested

Ex-Air Forces Commander Akin Ozturk and 41 admirals were arrested for being behind failed military coup attempt.

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Prime suspect behind failed coup attempt, retired Turkish Air Forces Commander Akin Ozturk - pictured standing in the front row in the centre - along with other arrested suspects

Updated Jul 19, 2016

Retired Air Forces Commander Akin Ozturk together with 41 generals and admirals have been arrested after appearing in an Ankara court for their involvement in Friday's military coup attempt.

Over 100 high-rank officers of the Turkish army were detained earlier as part of the ongoing investigation into the attempted coup, which sought to overthrow Turkey’s democratically elected government.

All of them have been charged with treason and are testifying to the prosecutors and judges. 

Retired Air Forces Commander Akin Ozturk

Security forces are trying to find others for whom arrest warrants were issued following the coup attempt.

In Istanbul, 12 soldiers were arrested by a court on suspicion of being members of an armed terrorist organisation and attempting to overthrow the Turkish government.

Late on Friday, the soldiers raided Turkish public broadcaster TRT's office in Istanbul's Harbiye district while soldiers on the Bosphorus Bridge opened fire on civilians who were rallying against the coup attempt.

Pro-coup generals are seen under custody following the failed military coup attempt, in Ankara, Turkey on July 18, 2016.

At least 208 people - security officers and civilians - lost their lives in the ensuing violence. Hundreds of others were wounded. 

Turkey accuses US-based Fetullah Gulen and his followers, who have allegedly set up a "parallel state" to undermine the government, of being behind the coup and has called for his extradition to Turkey to face trial.

The “parallel state” represents a clandestine group of Turkish bureaucrats and senior officials who are embedded in the country’s institutions, including the judiciary, the police, and the army.

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