Turkey’s biggest metal mine goes on strike

Workers of biggest metal mine in Turkey take decision to go on strike

Photo by: TRT
Photo by: TRT

The workers of Turkey’s biggest metal mine in the northeastern province of Rize have decided to go on a strike expected to start on Oct. 30.

Following a disagreement in labor contract negotiations between the foreign operating firm "First Quantum Minerals" and the syndicate representing the workers , the union took the decision to go on strike.

The negotiations concerned the employment rights of around 500 workers.

In the meantime, the operating company also reportedly took a lock out decision in the event of the strike starting.

The Cayeli metal operation has the capacity to process 1.3 million tonnes of ores annually andit holds a mining license for a 134 hectare region.

All shares of the operation were sold to foreign investors in 2013.

The company holds one third of Turkey’s metal capacity.

The company became first in the sector in 2013 with its export valued around 250 million dollars and ranked 42nd in list of 100 exporters.

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