Turkey’s Cavusoglu urges to fight both terror, racism

Turkish foreign affairs minister calls to fight both with terror and racism, saying one triggers other

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has joined a congress held in Antalya province where he has said terror and racism trigger and fuel one another.

Cavusoglu underlined that foreign fighters approximately from 90 countries came to Turkey to fight in Syria and Turkish government put a lot of effort to halt it. He said Turkey has caught and deported 1,300 foreign fighters.

He continued: ‘’But they came back to our border again, how does it happen? You catch a foreign fighter and deport to his country, he is in our airport again after two months,’’ and stressed that an international cooperation should be applied sharing intelligence information.

Cavusoglu also said 13,800 people, who are found out to join ISIS, are banned to enter in Turkey.

He complained about the negligence of European states on the issue and criticised them for not identifying and preventing them from leaving home countries as they claim. He said the European states let fighters go and die there although it’s known that they will join the terror organisation. ‘’What is going to happen if he turns back from the war?’’ he asked.

‘’It is not an issue that Turkey can solve it alone. Because these people come from 90 different countries. In addition, 40 million tourists come to visit Turkey annually. I can not treat each tourist as they will pass into Syria and join ISIS,’’ he said.

Turkey is a top country in the humanitarian aid in the world, according to Turkish Development Assistance, published by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency in 2013.

Cavusoglu said Turkey is everywhere in the world with development projects and humanitarian aid.

Cavusoglu added that both Bashar al Assad regime and ISIS with other organisations attack on civilians and cities.

Pointing out that Aleppo is exposed to attacks by ISIS, the Nusra Front and Assad regime, he said: ‘’Aleppo is a very strategic, historical, cultural, religious, ethnic city. Right now more than 2 million people live there. If Aleppo falls, where will the people go? Most of them will come Turkey’s border.”

“Turkey maintains its ‘open-door policy.’ We host anyone who are forced to to escape both from a terrorism and a cruel regime.’’

He mentioned the suggestions made by Turkey about how to stop the unsteady case in Syria and said they need to struggle with the terror organisation following a comprehensive and solution-oriented strategy. However he said the coalition states do not have such a strategy.

He stated that the main reason of the radicalisation in Syria is the Assad regime itself. He also stated that it should be solved with a national unity government and political transformation establishing “safe zones” inside Syria and allowing the transformation of the country.

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