Turkey’s Deputy PM accused HDP of supporting terror attacks

Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister says the ones who stand by terrorism will give account for it

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan has criticized those who support and stand by the outlawed PKK's recent terror attacks in the meeting of provincial head of governing Justice and Development Party on Saturday.

Pointing out Peoples’ Democratic Party, Akdogan stated that “HDP was displaying a public opinion before June 7 elections, but now they ‘restored their factory settings’ by relying on terrorist organisation again.”

Akdogan accused the co-chair of HDP Selahattin Demirtas of “letting terrorist organisation use him” to end peace process while he was trying to take AK Party down.

“They did not aim to take AK Party down, they aim to end the process. You (HDP co-chair Demirtas) made them take advantage of you. You betrayed to the process as you did not act with your own wisdom. You turned into a project.” Akdogan said.

“You [Demirtas] do not say anything against PKK, either form any sentence opposed to PKK and then demand the continuity of the process from the government as if nothing had happened. Are we playing a game?” Akdogan asked.

Peace Process was launched by Turkish government in early 2013 to end three decades of old conflict with the PKK.

The Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), an umbrella organisation which brings all PKK units together, issued a statement on July 11 saying that the truce with the Turkish government was ended due to what they call "Turkey's insistince on dam constructions."

KCK stated that the vehicles used in the construction of dams will be targeted. Since then many private properties as well as governmental assets were targeted in armed attacks across Turkey.

“The ones who say ‘we rely on terrorism, terrorist organisations’ and do not condemn terrorism, stand by terrorism will absolutely account for this alliance before the law” Akdogan stated.

“Everybody will know his/her place, everybody will act in accordance with law and democracy” Akdogan said.

Turkish court launched an investigation over the co-chair of HDP, Figen Yuksekdag and HDP’s Hakkari deputy Abdullah Zeydan over disseminating “terrorist propaganda” on Friday.

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