Turkey’s first indigenous UAV passes firing tests

Turkey’s first domestically produced unmanned air vehicle successfully completes firing tests with anti-tank missiles

Courtesy of: Baykarmakina.com
Courtesy of: Baykarmakina.com

The first armed unmanned air vehicle produced by Turkey, Bayraktar TB2, hits the target from a distance of nearly 5 miles.

Updated Dec 19, 2015

The first unmanned aerial vehicle to be produced by Turkish defense industry has successfully completed firing tests after being armed with anti-tank missiles.

The UAV, which is named the Bayraktar TB2, hit targets from a distance of 4.9 miles. Work on its weapon system took one year.

The Bayraktar TB2 also holds a record endurance of 24 hours and 34 minutes at an altitude of 27 thousand feet.

The general manager of the firm which produced the drone, Haluk Bayraktar, said, :This successful result made us realize how right a decision we took by designing a national and genuine model."

Bayraktar added, "The success of the vehicle also proves the proficiency of Turkish engineers," while he also noted the contribution of the Turkish Armed Forces.

With this recent development, Turkey has become the fifth country to produce armed UAVs, following the US, China, Israel and Iran.

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