Turkey’s HDP declares three conditions for coalition support

Turkey’s pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party specifies three conditions for supporting coalition while opposition during talks with governing AK Party

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) deputy Sirri Sureyya Onder issued a press statement after the party’s meeting with Turkey’s governing Justice and Development Party (AK Party) to conduct early coalition talks on Wednesday.

Turkey’s Prime Minister and leader of the AK Party Ahmet Davutoglu visited HDP delegates for early coalition negotiations in his third and last meeting with opposition parties in the first round of coalition talks.

“We discussed a coalition as a separate topic, we had a chance to express justice, peace and democracy as three main principles of our party,” Onder said.

“We stated that if a coalition between CHP and AK Party is formed consisting of these three principles, we would provide a supportive opposition to this coalition.”

Stressing the HDP’s stance on these points, he argued “The Peace and Resolution Process should not be side issues, they should be considered as main issues, for all the other matters facing the government cannot be tackled without these titles.”

The Kurdish-Turkish peace process was launched by the Turkish government in early 2013 to end the government’s decades-long conflict with the outlawed PKK, which is recognised as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, NATO and the EU.

The Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), an organisation which brings all members and activities of the PKK together, has declared an end to the truce reached with the Turkish government at the end of 2012.

Onder reported that “As our co-chairman Selahattin Demirtas said during the meeting, democracy can not be achieved with guns, and the number of arms should be reduced by increasing democracy.”

Davutoglu, who gave a statement after his visit to the HDP’s headquarters, strongly emphasised the significance of the disarmament of the PKK for the ongoing peace process.

“The disarmament will take place in Turkey, one way or another. Let’s realise that together. You [HDP] shall make the call and all the arms shall be put down,” Davutoglu said.

The co-chairman of the HDP, Selahattin Demirtas, spoke at a television programme on Tuesday evening and stated “if his call works, the PKK ‘definitely’ should disarm and the conflict could be ended”

A disarmament call was issued by imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan in March during this year’s Newroz celebrations. However, the PKK leadership in the Qandil Mountains has not yet fulfilled that call.

The disarmament of the PKK has been labelled the most critical part of the peace talks with the PKK.


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