Turkey’s ‘parallel state’ probe extends to foundations

Turkish police investigate aid foundation, its hospitals and university in alleged plot to finance ‘parallel state’

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The Izmir Police Department ordered on Wednesday for an aid foundation to be searched in Turkey’s two western provinces.

The Turkish Doctor’s Foundation (TUTAV) in Izmir province was charged with "financing the parallel state," and "forgery." The foundation launched two hospitals in Izmir named Sifa Hospital and Sifa University Research Hospital which were also searched.

The "parallel state," is a purported group of Turkish bureaucrats and senior officials embedded in the country's institutions, including the judiciary and the police force, which allegedly aim to undermine the current Turkish government.

Ibrahim Sahin, the general secretary of the TUTAV made a statement in front of the foundation’s building and said they never forged in any documents, while the foundation transferred all the estate in 2012 to the Sifa University Research Hospital.

“At present, our foundation has not a commercial activity. We only give scholarships from the funds that reach us as donation,” said Sahin.

The documents and computer data of a company related to TUTAV in province of Bursa were seized by police in the claim of document forgery.

Police also raided the private Sifa University. Ibrahim Hacibeyoglu, an official of the school claimed that they have no connection to foundations named “Sifa” and the operation harms the university’s name.

Turkey’s government alleges that the clandestine network is run by the US-based preacher Fethullah Gulen and that his religious movement is responsible for masterminding “parallel state” probe to overthrow the elected authorities.

There is no detention in the first place while the investigation continues and the police are careful to not hinder medical service at the hospitals, officials reported.

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