Turkey’s pre-election polls show rise in AK Party votes

Recent election polls by different research companies predict that Justice and Development Party will increase its votes in Turkey’s Nov. 1 general election

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish citizens voting at June 7 general election.

Majority of Turkey’s recent election polls conducted by different research companies show that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) will increase its vote by 2 percent in the Nov. 1 general election with respect to June 7 election.

After failing to gain majority of the seats in the parliament, AK Party could not form a single party government in the June 7 general election. 

However, the polls indicate that the party has a chance to secure the majority this time.

June 7 general election

According to official results from the June 7 election, the AK Party gained 40.9 percent of the votes while Republican People's Party (CHP) came second with 24.95 percent, as announced by Turkey's Supreme Election Board (YSK).

Meanwhile, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) had 16.29 percent of the votes and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) gained 13.12 percent, passing the 10-percent electoral threshold for the first time.


According to the PollMark research company, the AK Party will increase its votes to 43.9 by gaining 3 points more than the previous election.

In the same opinion poll, CHP also raises its votes to 25.4 percent which is nearly 1 point more than June 7 elections while MHP loses at least 2 points, dropping to 14.8 percent.

HDP also sees a fall in its votes to 12.3 percent, which is 1 point less than the previous election.

PollMark’s survey was conducted over 5,184 people between Oct, 3-7 in 26 different provinces of Turkey.


The MAK Research Company came out with almost the same results with PollMark, predicting 43.5 percent for the AK Party.

According to MAK’s survey which was conducted in Turkey’s 49 different provinces, the CHP will win 27.8 percent while MHP will have 13.6 percent, losing nearly 3 points comparing to the previous election. The survey gives 12.1 percent of the votes to HDP.


According to the Metropoll research company, the HDP will maintain its votes at 13.0 percent.

Metropoll shows the AK Party increases its votes to 42.5 percent, with CHP rising to 26.3 percent and MHP remaining at 16.3 percent.


The ANDY-AR research company has predicted that the AK Party will win with 42.6 percent of the vote, CHP will garner 27.1 percent, MHP will get 15.2 percent while HDP maintains its post as fourth party with 12.1 percent of the vote.


The SONAR Research Company has found that 40.5 percent of citizens will vote for the AK Party, while 27.3 percent will support the main opposition CHP and 15.2 percent will support the right-wing opposition MHP while 13.1 percent of the votes will be gained by HDP.

SONAR’s survey was conducted with the participation of 3,000 people between Oct. 8-15.

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