Turkish 'Akincilar' hack official Russian websites

Turkish hacker group Akincilar carry out cyber-attacks against Russian government websites in retaliation to Russian hackers targeting Turkish websites

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Turkish hacker group Akincilar hack hundreds of Russian websites

Updated Jan 4, 2016

A Turkish hacker group, Cyber Warrior Akincilar, has hacked several official Russian websites in reprisal to its government’s sanctions on Turkey and alleged cyber-attacks conducted by Russian hackers on Turkish websites.

The group hacked many Russian governmental and corporate web sites as well as social media accounts, including the official web pages of the Russian parliament, ministry of economy and ministry of interior.

Tensions remain high between Moscow and Ankara since Turkey downed a Russian warplane for violating its airspace on November 24.

Following the incident Russia imposed a range of sanctions on Turkey and also ended its visa-free entry for Turkish citizens.

Last month, local media had suggested that the attacks on Turkish internet servers, could be coming from Russia.

The Turkish hackers also published a quote from Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on the web pages they managed to seize.

“Instead of ending the tragedy, whoever keeps targeting Turkmens in Bayirbucak, Arabs in Aleppo and Kurds, Arabs and Turkmens in Azaz, even if it is the Syrian Regime, terror groups or foreign intervening factors, our message to them is clear too.”

After Turkish hacker group Cyber Warrior Akincilar carried out attacks this was the opening page to many Russian websites

Russia began its air campaign in Syria on Sept. 30 with the aim of supporting the Syrian regime leader Bashar al Assad.

Moscow says that the air strikes target DAESH terrorist group, but some members of the western NATO alliance accuse Russia of targeting groups opposed to Assad, including some that have US and Turkish support.

According to an Amnesty International report, released early December, Russian air strikes in Syria killed “hundreds” of Syrian civilians.

Akincilar said in a statement that they possessed all databases of the Russian websites they attacked.

“We know Russia is attacking our country using others as tools. As Cyber Warrior Akincilar we have not ignored these attacks and never will. We have delivered our message by hacking hundreds of accounts. Apart from the Russians, we are still working to deliver our message to other groups that are working for the Russians.”

Estonia dealt with similar incidents in 2007, accusing Russia of conducting cyber-attacks on its government and private websites, but Moscow had denied the claims.

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