Turkish army destroys headquarters of terrorist PKK in Igdir

Turkish military operations in eastern Igdir province destroy 16 main camps of terrorist PKK including a headquarter

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Recent military operations by Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) in the eastern province of Igdir accomplished in destroying 16 main camps of terrorist PKK.

Updated Oct 26, 2015

A statement by Igdir governorate said that the recent series of military operations by Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) in the eastern province has accomplished in destroying 16 major camps of terrorist PKK, including the main headquarter in the region. 

During the air-supported operations, the soldiers entered the hideouts of PKK terrorists and seized a great deal of ammunition along with some documents belonging to the terrorist group.

The security forces later destroyed several materials including explosives found in the headquarters in accordance with the order of prosecution.

Accordingly, in another anti-terror operation Turkish police seized 7 long-barreled weapons hidden in a car in southeastern province of Sirnak.

While the police officers detained the driver of the car, they reported that the operation had been launched upon the intelligence of a probable terror attack in western provinces.

Six PKK suspects detained in Erzincan

Security forces detained 6 PKK suspects during an anti-terror operation in Kemah district of Turkey’s eastern province of Erzincan on Saturday.

The governorate informed that the suspects were taken into custody over the charges of aiding and abetting the terrorist organization.

The interrogations of the suspects, one of whom was reported to be the head of the village, are still ongoing.

Terror attacks carried out by the PKK have killed 148 security officers and over 30 civilians since its umbrella organization, the KCK, unilaterally ended an over two year long ceasefire with the government on July 11 and threatened the country with terror attacks.


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