Turkish Army kills 24 PKK terrorists in Turkey's southeast

Turkish Armed Forces kill 24 PKK terrorists in southeast Turkey as part of country’s ongoing anti-terror operations

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Soldiers patrol at a street as Turkish Security Forces carry out a counter - terrorism operation against terrorist organization PKK in Turkey's south-eastern province Diyarbakir's Sur District on March 8, 2016.

Turkish Armed Forces announced on Friday that it killed 24 PKK terrorists in southeast Turkey on Thursday, seizing armory and defusing hand made bombs belonging to the group as part of Turkey’s ongoing anti-terrorism operations.

According to a statement released by the army, 10 PKK terrorists were killed in Nusaybin district in Turkey’s southeastern Mardin province, where forces also seized 13 improvised explosive devices.

Another 12 terrorists were killed in the country’s southeastern Sirnak province where army seized many long-barreled weapons, heavy weapons, rocket launchers, ammo, handmade explosives and grenades.

In Yuksekova district in Hakkari province, two PKK terrorists were killed and 10 handmade explosives defused by the Turkish army.

Turkish Armed Forces also said it carried out air strikes in northern Iraq targeting PKK ammunition depots and shelters in the Avasin and Basyan areas on Thursday afternoon after three Turkish soldiers died and another 24 got injured in a car bomb attack carried out by the group in Diyarbakir province.

Turkey started a series of operations in December 2015 across the country’s southeast to root out PKK terrorists, and remove hundreds of barricades and explosive trenches dug by the group, which has carried out several heinous attacks on security officials after renewing its armed campaign against Turkey in July.

Since the start of the campaign, at least 300 security force members have died in terrorist attacks while at least 1,250 terrorists were killed in the provinces of Sirnak, Diyarbakir, Mardin and Mus.

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