Turkish Army says F-16 jets responded to Syrian harassment

Turkish General Staff says its F-16 jets have given proper responses to Syrian SA air defence systems which harassed four patrolling fighter jets along Syrian border

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

A Turkish F-16 is seen in this archived image.

Turkish Army has announced its F-16 fighter jets have given necessary responses to the Syrian SA air defence systems which harassed four jets on Oct. 11, during their routine patrolling duty along the Syrian border.

Military statement said that four of its jets have been harassed by Syrian SA's, when twelve Turkish F-16 jets were conducting routine patrols along Syrian border.

Russian fighter jets reportedly violated Turkish airspace near Syrian border on Oct. 3, during their bombing campaign against mostly Syrian opposition-held territories in the country, which began on Sept. 30 and has strongly been protested by Turkey, the US, and the NATO alliance.

There have also been reports about a second and a third violation of Turkish airspace by MIG-29 fighter jets, whose nationalities could not be identified by Turkish Air Force following the incursions.

Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs protested the violation and summoned the Russian ambassador to convey its condemnation of the breach, according to a statement released on Oct. 5.

NATO also called on Russia to stop its incursions into the airspace of a member country, following an emergency meeting in Brussels on Oct. 5.

Furthermore, NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance is capable and ready to defend Turkey against any threat, following the recent Russian incursion of Turkish airspace near the Syrian border.

Stoltenberg declared, “NATO is able and ready to defend all Allies, including Turkey against any threat,” in a statement on Thursday morning at the defence ministers meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Brussels.

Turkey and US have consistently defended their stance towards the toppling of the Assad regime and both countries back opposition groups, while Russia has supported the regime since the beginning of the conflict. 

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