Turkish Army seizes three DAESH terrorists on Syrian border

Turkish General Staff announces three DAESH terrorists caught in Kilis province on Syrian border

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish security forces seized three DAESH terrorists who were attempting to illegally cross into Turkey

The Turkish General Staff said in an announcement on Thursday that three DAESH terrorists were seized in Turkey’s southern Kilis province, which borders Syria.

According to the statement, the terrorists were attempting to illegally cross into Turkey from Syria.

In another incident, in the country’s western Sakarya province, police on Thursday arrested three DAESH terrorists upon hearing of their trial in a local court.

The terrorists, along with two other suspects had been detained during an operation against DAESH on Nov 17.

Police also seized arms and several organisational documents in the same operation.

In the meantime, eight DAESH suspects - who had been detained over having links with the terrorist organization on Wednesday at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport - were deported to their country of origin, Morocco, following their interrogations.

The suspects claimed that they arrived in Istanbul for holiday and had a reservation at a hotel, however, police determined that their allegations were false following verification from the hotel.

Authorities also found a document on one of the suspects, which reportedly shows a route that begins in Istanbul and ends in Germany, through Turkey’s western Izmir province, Greece, Serbia and Hungary.

Since July, Turkish security forces have been conducting wide-scale anti-terror operations across Turkey, after a DAESH suicide bombing that killed dozens of people in the Suruc district of Sanliurfa province on July 20.

Despite the efforts, the terrorist organisation carried out a second brutal attack Oct 10 in Turkey's capital Ankara, killing over 100 people.

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