Turkish court acquits all 84 suspects in hidden arms case

Turkish court acquits 84 suspects in Poyrazkoy case concerning 'hidden' ammunition found in Istanbul

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Association for Supporting Contemporary Life (CYDD) President Aysel Celikel speaking to media following the decision to release the suspects on October 2, 2015

Updated Oct 3, 2015

The Anatolian Fifth Heavy Penal Court acquitted all 84 suspects in a case concerning “hidden” ammunition found in the village of Poyrazkoy in Istanbul's Beykoz on Friday following a request by the prosecution.

The trial took place at the Anatolian Courthouse in Istanbul and the ruling was announced by court chair Selcuk Kaya.

Following the ruling the suspects and their lawyers all rose and applauded the court board.

Presenting a forensic report from May 26 on digital evidence, the prosecutor said, "No evidence has been found during the investigation linking the suspects and the ammunition found in searches."

The suspects included retired vice-admirals Kadir Sagdic, Ahmet Feyyaz Ogutcu, rear-admiral Mehmet Fatih Ilgar and retired major Levent Bektas in addition to other retired or active on duty soldiers. One suspect, Lieutenant Colonel Ali Tatar, had also passed away during the course of the trials.

The Poyrazkoy case, named after the area where the arms were found in Istanbul, was launched following the discovery of large stash of ammunition on April 21, 2009.

A total of 17 suspects - mostly naval officers - were accused of “attempting to destroy the government and parliament using violence” and arrested.

Several cases were combined in the Poyrazkoy case including accusations regarding "Operation Cage Action Plan," assassination attempts against admirals, seized documents in Golcuk, as well as allegations made towards the management of the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life (CYDD) and Association for Contemporary Education (CEV). This rose the total number of suspects involved in the case to 84.

The court also decided to file a complaint to the public prosecutor's office against those who launched the case regarding accusations that they collected evidence illegally and fabricated evidence.

After the trial ended, lawyer Celal Ulgen told media outlets that, "We are leaving another plot case behind. If you ask whether I am happy, I am actually deeply upset. I heard the cries of Ali Tatar’s sister when the ruling was read. How are we going to bring him back? It is difficult to feel joy since we are not able to bring him back."

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