Turkish court arrests 17 suspects in major exam cheating probe

Ankara court arrests 17 suspects on Friday concerning in national exam cheating probe into 2010 State Personnel Examination (KPSS)

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Ankara First Penal Court ruled to arrest 17 suspects Friday accused of forgery, fraud and being members of a criminal organisation in an investigation concerning alleged cheating in the 2010 national state personnel exam.

On April 20, the prosecution ordered 78 suspects to be detained for involvement in the probe and 42 of the suspects were referred to court for prosecution on charges of “being a member of criminal organization, fraud of public institutions and forgery on official documents.”

Twenty five of the remaining suspects were released with judicial controls.

The current probe is investigating allegations that members of the Gulen Movement are involved in the leakage of the exam questions and distributed the questions to their followers in order place their own people in key government institutions.

Members of the Gulen Movement, which is led by the US-based preacher Fethullah Gulen, is believed to have formed an inner circle - a “Parallel State” - within Turkish state institutions through their influence in the judiciary and the police force.

The Gulen Movement members denies the allegations or any involvement in the leaking of exam questions.

In a related development, the investigation into the 2010 KPSS revealed that wives of three army officers were also detained in the raids and it was found that the same three officers received high scores in the army staff exam.

The military Prosecutor of Turkey’ s General Staff immediately launched an investigation into the staff exam concerning any leakage of questions as in the KPSS.

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