Turkish court orders arrest of three DAESH terrorists

Turkish court orders arrest of three out of four DAESH terrorist suspects in Turkey’s Istanbul

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish police release the photos of three DAESH terrorists

Turkish court arrested three DAESH terrorists on Tuesday, including two Pakistanis and a Briton, who were accused of planning to carry out terror attacks in Turkey.

According to security sources, the counter terrorism units of Istanbul Police Department on Dec. 24 detained three Pakistani suspects, Shanawar S., Abdul A., and Abdul B., during a police raid on an address in Istanbul’s Mecidiyekoy district.

The units then continued the operation with information provided from the suspects and detained a British suspect, Hasan H., at a bus stop in Istanbul’s Fatih district.

Shanawar S. was later released while the other three were arrested following court order.

The suspects are alleged to have links with Aine Leslie Junior Davis, who was arrested over charges of “being responsible for foreign prisoners of DAESH in Syria.”

Davis, along with five other suspects, was accused of planning to carry out a parallel terror attack in Istanbul on the same day as the Paris attack.

Davis is also believed to have close relation with “Jihadi John” - a notorious DAESH terrorist of British origin.

Turkey’s fight against DAESH terrorist group has been continuing since July 24 when Turkey launched its first air strike targeting DAESH positions in Syria.

Ankara later launched comprehensive terror operations to capture DAESH terrorist within the country.

According to the Turkish Interior Minister, Efkan Ala, Turkey has seized and deported more than 36,500 people suspected of entering Turkey with the intention of crossing into Syria to join DEASH so far.

Most suspects were stopped from entering Turkey at the border, while nearly 2,800 were arrested in Turkey and later deported.

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