Turkish election board proposes plan for early election

Turkey's top election board proposes draft plan to political parties in case of an early election

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

A draft plan was submitted to Turkey's four main political parties by the Supreme Electoral Board (YSK) on Thursday as a schedule in case an early election is called, as is thought likely.

Earlier in the day media reports suggested that Nov. 1 was set as the date of an early election. 

The rumours were dismissed by the YSK chair Sadi Guven who said it is not possible to set a date without the confirmation of an early election. 

A schedule, envisioned as an election calendar of 60 days, was introduced to the representatives of Turkey’s political parties which are expected to provide their feedback by Aug. 23 to the YSK after discussing the plan with party officials.

Guven said, “It is not possible to make preparations and make an election schedule in the course of a week after the decision to hold an early election."

"That is why we produce an election calendar a month in advance," he said.

"And, as the date is coming closer, I sent the political parties one of the drafts we prepared which includes several different election dates.” 

Noting that this was an unofficial communication between the YSK and the political parties, Guven said it would not be ethical to send an official proposal since there is still a chance to form a government. 

The 45-day-period in which the party assigned by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was given a mandate to form a coalition government has almost come to an end, strengthening the possibility of a general election being re-held. 

Following the latest development, the board has intensified its work with the increased possibility of an early election . 

The YSK has the authority to shorten a 90 day period that otherwise legally needs to pass after an interim government is formed before an election can be held. The board has shortened the 90 day period to 60 days.

Several deadlines in the schedule such as applications to stand as a parliamentary candidate and objections to voter lists were shortened by the YSK. 

The draft schedule will be finalised following suggestions from political parties.

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