Turkish election committee vouches for Sunday’s election

Supreme Election Board assures safe election in Turkey, says fraud, misconduct impossible

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Turkey’s Supreme Election Board (YSK) has announced Sunday’s general election would be completed in a secure environment, saying misappropriation of ballot papers is"impossible."

Turkish voters are anxiously waiting to visit the voting booths on Sunday and all institutions of the government are preparing to make sure the election process advances as it should, since opposition parties had claimed the previous elections weren’t “reliable.”

The chairman of YSK, Sadi Guven, said that seven observers, including five representatives from political parties, would be present at each polling station as it used to be in the previous elections.

“The election is substantially safe and Turks should becomfortable with the safeguards in place,” said Guven, who is a retired judge.

According to the constitution, offering any sort of valuable material or services for votes is punishable by one to three years. Preventing someone from casting their vote one to four years, and threats against voters at the polling stations up to five year of imprisonment in Turkey. And damaging or stealing the bollot box also means three to five years in prison.

Parliamentary voting is a legal obligation in Turkey, as it is in Australia, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, Mexico, parts of Switzerland. And, voting turnout in Turkey is one of the higest in the world, according to data by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Expectations of voter turnout this weekend are about the same as in the last few elections.Turkish society bucks the global election participation trend by a large margin.

Voter participation in the 2007 general elections was 84.25 percent, a surprising figure according to many since the election was held in July and people were expected to be on holiday, away from home.

The last general election was in 2011 and the voter turnout was 83.16 percent.


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