Turkish jets harassed by Syrian missile system at border

Two Turkish jets were harassed by Syria in air space between Turkey and Syria on Sunday

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Two Turkish F-16 jets were harassed by a Syrian missile system which jammed their radar on jets on Sunday, as the jets responded to a Syrian helicopter violating Turkey’s border.


Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) said the radar on the jets was jammed for about 30 seconds by a SA-5 missile system, after the jets were deployed to the region in response to a Syrian MI-8 helicopter drawing closer to the border at the south of Turkey’s Hatay province.


In related news, Turkish border troops of  caught 236 individuals trying to cross into Turkey from Syria, the TAF has announced.


The TAF also said 246 individuals were detained trying to cross into Syria illegally.


Items caught by the border troops included 831,400 sexual performance enhancing pills, around 8 kg of cannabis sativa, 4,978 cartons of cigarettes and five animals.

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