Turkish parliament passes three more constitutional reforms

The proposed constitutional reforms grant wide-ranging powers to the president with greater parliamentary oversight of the presidency, and scrap the position of prime minister.

Photo by: AFP/Reuters
Photo by: AFP/Reuters

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim (C) arrives for a debate on the proposed constitutional changes as he is surrounded by MPs at the Turkish Parliament in Ankara, Turkey, January 12, 2017.

Updated Jan 17, 2017

Turkish lawmakers on Sunday have passed articles 14, 15 and 16 of a new constitutional reform package.

Eighteen amendments are proposed to the existing constitution. The changes grant wide-ranging powers to the president, strengthen parliamentary oversight of the presidency, and scrap the position of prime minister.

Voting on the remaining two proposals will continue over the next week. All proposed changes, however, will need to pass in two more rounds of voting before the constitutional package as a whole can be put to a referendum.

TRT World's Hasan Abdullah brings us the latest from Ankara.