Turkish police detain 14 who block demolition of PKK ‘court'

Turkish police detain 14 suspects attempting to block demolition of so called ‘court’ established by PKK terrorists

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Police forces detained 14 suspects who attempted to prevent the demolition of a self-ruled ‘court’ founded by terrorist PKK in Siirt.

Police forces detained 14 suspects who attempted to prevent the demolition of a self-ruled so called ‘court’ founded by PKK terrorists in Turkey’s southeastern province of Siirt on Thursday.

A statement by governorate of Siirt said that the police launched security operations against PKK upon receiving the information that the terrorists threatened local people and tried them in the self-ruled courts which they established near a burial site.

PKK terrorists also reportedly have run some educational courses in the area.

Moreover, 14 suspects who attempted to prevent the police from "performing duties" during demolition of the court building were detained at the time. 

The statement added that anti-terror operations in the region will continue for the peace and safety of local people.

In the meantime, a local court in eastern province of Igdir convicted one PKK suspect over being a "member of the terrorist organization."

Four other suspects were also detained within the scope of anti-terror operations against PKK in southeastern provinces of Bitlis and Malatya.

The suspects were reported to have been involved in several illegal activities earlier such as attacking security forces with molotov bombs and digging up trenches in the streets to carry out urban war against security officers. 

PKK terror attacks have killed 148 security officers and over 30 civilians since its umbrella organization, KCK, unilaterally ended over two years long cease fire with the government on July 11 and threatened the country with terror attacks. 

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