Turkish police detain 31 PKK terrorists in Istanbul

Istanbul police detain 31 suspected PKK terrorists in simultaneous operations

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

In simultaneous operations, Istanbul police raid 36 addresses across 22 districts of the city

Turkish police detained at least 31 people, suspected of financially supporting terrorist organisation PKK on early Thursday in Istanbul.

Istanbul police’s anti-terror branch backed by helicopters raided 36 addresses across 22 districts of the city including the suburbs of Kagithane and Esenyurt in simultaneous operations.

According to the police, the suspects collected money from smugglers and gamblers to transfer to the PKK, which is listed as a terrorist organisation by Turkey as well as NATO, the US and EU.

Police said that 60,000 Turkish liras in cash (around $ 20,000), a cheque in the amount of 1,250,000 Turkish liras ($410,226), an unregistered pump-rifle as well as organisational documents were seized during the operation.

Police said two other people were detained in Turkey's western province of Kocaeli and eastern Mus in relation with Thursday's operation.

The PKK renewed its 30-year armed campaign against Turkey in late July, after unilaterally ending a two and half year ceasefire.

Since then, more than 200 people, including, security officials and civilians have died in PKK terror attacks.

Turkish security forces launched a comprehensive anti-terror operation in mid-December of 2015 against the PKK terrorist organisation in the provinces of Diyarbakir, Sirnak and Mardin.

Within the scope of the operations, curfews in towns and cities across the southeastern provinces have become a regular occurrence to ensure the security of citizens during clashes between security forces and PKK terrorists.

Since the beginning of 2016, at least 28 Turkish security officers have died during anti-terror operations in the southeastern provinces.